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Brent Coon and Associates announces a very unique service for you and your clients’ benefits. We are the first law firm offering so many beneficial options in handling Aviation Accident Litigation as well as legal matters associated with the aeronautical endeavor.

Of Counsel Attorney M.P.”Pappy” Papadakis Receives
Prestigious Award For Aviation Safety

Brent Coon & Associates is extremely proud to congratulate BCA Aviation's Of Counsel Attorney M.P.”Pappy” Papadakis on being awarded the 2013 Jerome F. Lederer Award by the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) at their annual ISASI Seminar in Vancouver Canada on August 19th . - Read More

We offer your firm four distinctly separate methods to allow us to team with you and help advocate and litigate your legal client’s legal aviation case needs.

  • Accident Litigation: Your firm refers the case to our firm and we act as lead with your firm maintaining active participation. Expenses borne by BCA
  • Accident Litigation: We team with your firm on a co counsel basis with both lead and expenses shared.
  • Accident Litigation: We provide your firm with attorneys working in areas of technical and liability specific to aviation. They are named associated consulting attorneys providing expert help and discovery requirements. They second chair as you require all the way through trial if desired. They work subservient to your firm’s lead. Expenses borne by your firm.
  • On specific cases where you find it advisable to litigate in a geographical area where BCA has offices.
    We can function as local attorneys for your case.

BCA generally works on agreed contingency basis and on some consulting tasks can do work on a retained or hourly basis.

The BCA attorneys in the Houston area offices, M.P. “Pappy” Papadakis and Gary Riebschlager have vast experience in aviation law. In combination, the threesome has flying experience of over 81 years and litigation experience of over 75 years. Pappy alone has evaluated, investigated or helped litigate over 450 aviation accidents. If BCA requires expert help we call upon a vetted group of professionals in 33 disciplines ranging from forensic medicine, aeronautical engineering, piloting, air traffic control, weather forecasting, human factors and more. We have the ability utilize additional aviation help in legal specialty areas such as FAA and NTSB administrative law matters team with the AIRLAWS consulting group known for such specialties.

Aviation Litigation Team

Call and set up a free, no obligation evaluation of your case and case needs and also obtain a suggested plan of ways to proceed in a cost efficient manner through the minefield of aviation case litigation.

It is true that your firm has many choices if what you wish to do is refer your aviation case. It is doubtful that any other plaintiff firm offers you the menu and latitude of choices as how to proceed. You should evaluate and decide what best suits you and your clients’ needs.

If your legal problems involve any aspect of the Aviation Industry - THE BCA firm can either help you or direct you to places where your problem can be quickly and easily resolved. In addition to our in house expertise and experience we have access to another twenty attorneys with aviation focus in some of the specialty areas below. If that is insufficient we have listings of several hundred lay specialist we will employ for your benefit as case specifics require.
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